Estonian Museum Railway

Estonian Museum Railway in Lavassaare is the only narrow-gauge railway museum in Estonia, which exposition includes a working steam locomotive. Narrow-gauge was founded in 19th century in Estonian and Livonian governorate for economical development of regional industries. Special sidings were used by Kohila Paper Factory, Järvakandi Glass Factory, Narva Kreenholm Cotton Factory, Loksa Brick Factory, Saku Brewery etc.

With the COVID-19 safety label, trusted to us by Visit Pärnu we confirm that we follow the requirements and instructions of the Government and the Health Board of Estonia established for our field of activity, we keep up to date with the information and help visitors to comply with the virus prevention rules on site.

Christmas steamtrain event 10.12.2022

Christmas steamtrain event 10.12.2022

Museum is open 11:30-18:30. Steam train is running at 12:00 to  18:00 with Santa Klaus on train. Coffee  shop and souvenirs for christmas gifts. Limited edition of museum 2023 calendar. For childrens several games. Participating for adults 10€, for childrens all free....

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Steamdays at 15th and 16th of October 2022

Steamdays at 15th and 16th of October 2022

The autumn is started and our season is finished but we open the museum for special event. With this special event we celebrate birthdays of several Estonian railways and museum. In Sturday museum is open from 11:00 to18:00 and in Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00. Steam...

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How to get here?

Eesti Muuseumraudtee

Estonian Museum Railway is located at the Pärnu county in the south-western part of Estonia, 17 km’s from Pärnu to north-west in Lavassaare settlement between the bogs. There are three possibilities to reach us:


To go from Tallinn via Pärnu-Jaagupi and Vahenurme

turning right at Tallinn-Pärnu road to Pärnu-Jaagupi;


To go via Nurme and Jõõpre

turning right at Tallinna-Pärnu road before the bridge of Sauga River;


To go from Pärnu via Audru and Jõõpre.

The last way is the longest from Tallinn but it is the best being the only entirely paved road.

Opening hours


Sa. 11:00-18:00; Su. 11:00-17:00

other days only for groups by the reservations:
+372 527 2584


The museum is opened for everyone!
Mo-Sat 11:00-18:00
Sun 11:00-17:00


Sat 11:00-18:00,
Sun 11:00-17:00.
On week-days only for groups by the reservations!


Only for groups by the reservations:
+372 527 2584

Museum is grateful for supports! New supporters are always welcome, as well as photos, memoires etc, concerning the history of Estonian narrow-gauge railways.