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NGO Estonian Museum Railway

Estonian Museum Railway (in Estonian: MTÜ Eesti Muuseumraudtee) is a non-profit organization, what is collecting and introducing the history of narrow-gauge railways of Estonia and Livonia. The museum has more than 80 units of rolling stock and comprehensive indoor expostion which also includes exposition of industral and military narrow-gauge railways in that region. Estonian Museum Railway is a member of The Estonian Heritage Society and the FEDECRAIL. Museum is also a part of Romantic Beach Route, which is located in southwestern Estonia.



The governing bodies of NGO Estonian Museum Railway is a three-member board and the General Meeting of Members.

We confirm that the organization adheres to its ethical principles of the activities of the NGO activities.

Managing Board:
  • Mehis Helme (acting CEO)
  • Neddy Kramer
  • Heiki Muda
  • Eesti Muinsuskaitse Selts
    (representative Mehis Helme)
  • AS Tootsi Turvas
    (representative Tiit Saarmets)
  • GoProperty AS
    (representative Neddy Kramer)
  • Edelaraudtee Infrasturuktuuri AS
    (representative Rain Kaarjas)
  • Eesti Raudteeajaloo Selts
    (representative Andrei Afanassenko)
  • Pärnu Lahe Merepääste Selts
  • MTÜ Liikumise Jõud
  • Operation Lifesaver Estonia MTÜ

Eesti Muuseumraudtee MTÜ

Ülejõe 1, 87001 Lavassaare, Audru vald, Pärnumaa

reg.nr: 80002088

IBAN: EE932200001120171591


+372 52 72 584


Gulbene-Aluksne railway

Gulbenes – Aluksnes Banitis

A remaining part of the former Livonian Supply Railway connecting Valga with Koikküla, Taheva, Mõbniste and Plavinas. The regular passenger traffic is performed by the former Estonian locomotives TU2-244 and TU2-273 and with two locomotives of type TU7A. Since 2005 special trains are lead by the steam locomotive Gr-319 (in cooperation with the Lavassaare Museum Railway).

Read more: www.banitis.lv

A Steam Railway of Brünig

Brünig Dampfbahn

Volunteer-based 1000-mm-railway having two narrow-gauge locomotives – no. 208 and 1068 and a roundhouse in Interlagen-Ost in the middle of Switzerland. They operate with the tradiotional steam trains on the tracks Interlaken-Ost – Meiringen.

Read more: www.bruenig-dampfbahn.ch

Museum is grateful for supports! New supporters are always welcome, as well as photos, memoires etc, concerning the history of Estonian narrow-gauge railways.