TOP 5 Places to See Near Pärnu





Pärnu is a super cozy city right by the sea. It is the Estonians’ favorite summer destination, that brings in not only the local tourist but also visitors from abroad. Despite Pärnu being the 4th largest city in Estonia, it is still quite small and after a few days, you will most likely feel like you know it all by heart.


Do not worry, we have some awesome destinations near Pärnu that are worth visiting!


  1. 1. Estonian Museum Railway in Lavassaare


This museum is a super unique place surrounded by marvelous nature. Estonian Museumrailway is a non-profit organization that aims to keep alive a very important part of the country’s history.

Estonian Museum Railway in Lavassaare (20km away from Pärnu) is the only narrow-gauge railway museum in Estonia, and its exposition includes a working steam locomotive. From June to August the museum is open for visits every day.

This is a great destination for families with small children. Children are allowed to touch and explore most of the objects exhibited.

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  1. Soomaa National Park


Estonian nature has a lot to offer, Soomaa National Park is not to be missed!

Soomaa National Park is the second-largest national park in Estonia, with half of its 39,884 hectares being covered by different wetlands. Soomaa, located on the border of Pärnu and Viljandi County, is one of the gems of Estonian nature with its large bogs almost untouched by human activity and rivers in natural beds.

Take a day trip to relax and enjoy yourself in the beautiful nature. More information can be found here



  1. Kihnu Island


Kinu is a real gem that keeps alive ancient traditions! The seventh-largest island in Estonia is an island of seafarers and fishermen. The cultural heritage of Kihnu – the clothing, language music, and handcrafts are all on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. If you are looking for an authentic experience, then Kihnu is where you need to go!

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  1. Alpaca farm


All animal lovers, take note!

The farm is located approximately 20 kilometers from the city of Pärnu, along the Pärnu-Tallinn Highway. At the farm, you can meet the alpacas, goats, and rabbits. The coolest part is that you can feed the animals yourself. How cool is that?!

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  1. Tori Cider and Wine Farm


Last but certainly not least, Tori Cider and Wine Farm, is a must-see for those who enjoy and value local and organic products. Cidery is situated near Soomaa National Park and brings together unique flavors that are true to the location.

Pay them a visit and enjoy the composition of natural flavors and real craftsmanship.

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